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Though budding entrepreneurs relish the prospect of moving to grand cities in pursuit of their lofty dreams, sometimes the biggest ideas come to life in the smallest of places. It’s for this reason why promising businesspeople are beginning to set up shop in lesser-known towns. Below are some cities that industry experts have dubbed the “best for burgeoning entrepreneurs.”

Sarasota, Florida

Regarded as a hotspot for tourist activity, Sarasota is a quaint addition to the Sunshine State. Given the influx of daily arrivals, Sarasota sees many people come and go, making it the perfect location to launch a business.

South Jordan, Utah

Not many people think of Utah as a land of opportunity, but they would be wrong. Located in the heart of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, South Jordan oozes modernism. It’s for this reason why tech specialists flock to this booming town to realize their digital dreams.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

No doubt a city on the rise, Cheyenne is gaining substantial traction and becoming a hub for future entrepreneurs. Though most prominently known for its rural atmosphere, Cheyenne shows great promise as a contemporary boomtown.

Logan, Utah

Another Beehive State wonder, Logan is rooted in diversity. From science and research to engineering and medicine, many industries are thriving in this flourishing city.

Coral Gables, Florida

Home to 51,000 residents, Coral Gables is smaller than its population lets on. Hallmarked for its scenic beauty and stunning architecture, Coral Gables holds tremendous appeal.

Doral, Florida

Rich with cultured individuals, Doral is a diverse community. Nearly 28 percent of the population hails from Venezuela, making it especially enticing to foreigners and their tourist dollars. Doral has become the perfect area to pursue the American dream.

Missoula, Montana

Enveloped in mountain landscapes and rocky terrain, Missoula is the quintessential midwest city. One of the larger regions on this list, more than 70,000 individuals call Missoula home. Civil engineering, transportation, and construction are some of this town’s fruitful trades.

Lehi, Utah

A city of colorful history and enduring appeal, Lehi is renowned for its ancestry. The tech industry, specifically, has seen tremendous success in this ever-expanding historical town.

Corvallis, Oregon

A mere 50 miles from the Oregon coast, Corvallis is adored for its blend of city and beach life. Some of the largest employers, including HP and SIGA Technologies, were founded here.