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Mirando Lauto


About Mirando Lauto

Mirando Lauto understands that the idea of entrepreneurship has been around since before Romans and Egyptians started selling handcrafted swords and clay vases. People have always needed leaders and innovators to come up with products to fill a need. He believes that today, more than ever, it’s important for people to be willing to get their hands dirty and demonstrate the business skills and patience needed to see an idea through to completion.

However, he knows that even with the best idea in the world and superior business acumen, a leader can’t ever be truly successful without the help of other people. Mirando knows that it’s important to master the art of delegating and negotiating with the people around him, and he believes learning how to read people is a vital skill that should never be underestimated.

Like most bosses, he tends to hire people with a similar personality. In his case, he chooses calm, laid-back, thoughtful, compassionate team members who share his vision. Because he understands what it’s like to work your way up through the ranks of a company, and the fact that he holds a strong work ethic, he has always had a great relationship with all levels of employees, from stock-people to managers.

After graduating from The Vittorio Alfieri Technical Institute in Bergamo, Italy, he completed his mandatory military service as a parachuter and then made it his goal to learn English. He moved to London, where he ended up with the international clothing manufacturer Benetton for over twenty years. He worked his way up the ranks, starting as a stock person, while also going to school and teaching himself English. He was eventually promoted to brand manager and helped oversee the opening of 80 stores in 5 years across 8 states. The company president, Luciano Benetton, personally recognized his abilities and rewarded him with 10 locations to run throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Las Vegas. He eventually earned the title of west coast agent, responsible for overseeing 23 stores.

While working with Benetton, he and his late wife also developed a company called Pashmina by Tina. They grew the business from one shopping center kiosk to five locations around Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

After Benetton, Mirando Lauto spent a year as a consultant/head of retail for the bathing suit company, SwimSpot in Los Angeles, where he directed retail operations for six pop-up stores and helped the company expand into several brick and mortar locations.

He then served as the Director of International Sales for CaBella in Los Angeles, an organic shampoo and conditioner company, where he attracted several large industry bidders from around the world. He currently works as the International Franchise Developer for two custom burger chains in Los Angeles: The Counter and BUILT, and he and his team are working hard to expand both of these companies throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Always looking for a new venture, Mirando Lauto has a few ideas on the horizon, but he also gets excited when people reach out to him seeking guidance with existing businesses. He is eager to dive back into retail, having experienced so much success in the past.

Mirando also has many interests outside of work. He loves to travel and spend time cooking with family and friends. Being from Italy, he is also a huge fan of soccer, and he coaches the under 14 boys division of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) in Santa Monica.